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A Picture a Day Until Catching Fire Day 151






TW: Bullying, suicide

Okay, so call me a cynical bitch, but why is this person writing this note threatening to do something only if they physically hurt the kid?  This is cookie-seeking - and it is disgusting.  It’s really fucking easy to pay lip service to ally-ship and say you are going to do something.  But who was it that said the hottest places in hell are reserved for those that in times of crisis maintain their neutrality?  You know, my school bullies rarely laid their hands on me.  It was their words - telling me no one wanted me, that I should just kill myself, that I was worthless, mocking my stutter - that, in part, led to me fantasizing about jumping off a bridge and writing a suicide note when I was twelve fucking years old.

So i don’t wanna be that guy, but are you stupid? Would you rather fucking let the linebacker sit there and let the gay kid be hurt??? You literally managed to make the good guy in this situation look like an asshole, and in doing so it makes YOU look like an overly sensitive dumbass. You were bullied, well that sucks, it does. But wouldn’t you have been fucking happy if someone HAD done this? Ya, words hurt, ya ya ya. But You are MISSING THE FUCKING POINT!!!! This guy is standing up for the gay kid, regardless whether he specifies it be physically or verbally standing up. Sorry this guy maybe didn’t fucking think about all the crazy fucking logistics dumb cunts on tumblr, like you, do. You are literally hyper sensitive, and miles away from the point. Please, next time you have a thought where you turn a good guy into an asshole, kindly shut your fucking face hole. 

WOOOOOOOOOW. WIth the amount of misogyny and victim blaming in your post, I assumed you were a white cis hetero dudebro! I am absolutely appalled that you think it’s totally appropriate to call someone a C word for SIMPLY POSTING AN OPINION ON THEIR OWN TUMBLR. Did they reblog this shit from you? NOOOOO.

You chose to go to Bria’s blog, and chose to pick a fight and be, basically, a bully.

how you think she was being misogynistic whatsoever is completely beyond me. everything she said was factual. oh, and what exactly is the problem with being a white cis heterosexual male?  

Gurl go take all the seats.

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